Diocese of Waterford & Lismore

St. John’s parish is part of the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore. The diocese of Waterford and Lismore is situated in the South East of Ireland. The diocese includes Waterford City & County as well as much of South Tipperary and a small portion of County Cork.  There are a total of 45 parishes and 85 churches in the diocese. There are an estimated 44,000 Catholic households in this diocese, with a population of 153,206.

There are 85 priests holding diocesan appointments. 16 priests are retired and 5 priests of the diocese are elsewhere. 23 religious orders have a presence and ministry in the Diocese of Waterford & Lismore with a total of 61 Religious Community Residences.

The Diocese of Waterford & Lismore has 99 primary schools with 16,368 pupils and 24 Post-Primary schools with 12,132 pupils.


Diocese of Waterford and Lismore Website: https://www.waterfordlismore.ie

email: info@waterfordlismore.ie

Diocesan Office: Tel: 051-874463

Bishops House
Johns Hill
X91 P2K8
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