How do I book my wedding?

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How do I book my wedding?

Prior notice of at least three months before the proposed wedding date must be given to the Priests of the Parish of both the bride and bridegroom.  Also a minimum of three months written notice must be given to The Registrar of Marriages in whose area it is to take place.

The arrangements for a marriage may be made with any Priest of the Parish.  Once the details have been arranged there should not be any alteration of date or time without first consulting with one of the priests.  In the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore marriages may not be celebrated on either Sunday’s or Holy Day’s of Obligation.

Those to be married are expected to attend a full Pre-Marriage Course.

Details of these courses may be obtained from the notice board in the Churches of the Parish or from ACCORD at St John’s Pastoral Centre, St John’s Hill, Waterford, Tel : (051) 874 199.

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