Planning the Ceremony

Planning the Ceremony

  •     The First Reading
  •     The Responsorial Psalm
  •     Alleluia
  •     The Gospel
  •     The Prayers of the Faithful
  •     Offertory
  •     The Candle Ceremony
  •     Symbolic Gifts


  •     Organist, Singer(s) and/or musician(s)
  •      Music before the ceremony, as guest arrive
  •     Music for Entrance Procession
  •     As the couple are lighting the candles
  •     Vocal Responsorial Psalm (optional)
  •     Vocal Alleluia (optional)
  •     The lighting of the centre candle
  •     Music for Offertory
  •     Preparation of the altar (either sung or a simple instrumental)
  •     Holy Holy
  •     Our Father
  •     The Great Amen
  •     At the sign of peace
  •     Music for Communion
  •     Music for signing the Register
  •     Recessional Procession

 Other Details

  •     Flowers
  •     Wedding Booklets
  •     Photographer
  •     Guest list
  •     Vows
  •     Wedding Candles & Unity Candle
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