Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist

Meet the priest in the parish in which you now live, informing him of:

  • The name and parish of the church chosen for the wedding ceremony
  • The name and parish of the priest who will assist at your wedding

Set a date for your wedding (allow a minimum of 3 months notice)
Book the church
Book the Marriage Preparation course (book at least 6 months in advance of wedding date, preferably 9 months in advance or soon after the engagement)

If you were baptised in a different parish from the parish where you now live, you will need to obtain the following from the parish where you were baptised:

  • A recent Baptism Certificate (written in the last 6 months)
  • A Confirmation Certificate (if details of Confirmation are not on Baptism Certificate)
  • Letters of Freedom from each parish you have lived in

Pre-nuptial Enquiry Form (available from and filled in with priest)

Dispensation – if your prospective spouse is not a Roman Catholic or the marriage is to be in a non-Catholic church.

If you want the Pope’s blessing, you will need a letter of recommendation from your priest. The Blessing takes 12 weeks to obtain. A brochure is available from Veritas.

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